KiKi Sun-dried Noodles

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To achieve the best of the best, we had tried more than 100 kinds of noodles! We ended up choosing the Tainan’s traditional artisan noodles to best suit the unique and delicate sauce we had specially concocted.

Tainan, a sunny province of Taiwan, is the origin of handmade sun-dried noodles. The skill was inherited more than a century ago. Instead of using the common salt preservation method, KiKi sun-dried noodles achieved natural preservation through sunbathing.

Before the sunbathing process, the noodles are folded into a fan-like shape by noodle masters and are flipped every two hours for two consecutive days to enable every strand of the noodles to be evenly aired and bathed by the strong sun. Hence, achieving a tender crisp, smooth and springy noodle texture even if they are being cooked for long.  Combining it with the delicate sauces, it becomes the best of the best!