KiKi Fine Goods Singapore

KiKi ~ A Love Story

Years ago.. while holidaying in Taiwan, we stumbled upon a little modern looking Sichuan restaurant in a small lane, Yanji Street (延吉街), right behind the popular Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝东路). We were first attracted to a round stamped cat logo, well, we love cats, so the logo caught our attention.. and it had a simple name, KiKi. We decided to give it a try even when there was a line waiting... That Meal, sealed our love for the new found outlet! Thereafter, we would check-in to KiKi every time we visit Taiwan, without fail, for many years!

KiKi was first started in 1991, Uncle Yuan, the owner, had started it as a place for friends to hangout and chill, boozes are the main and dishes are supposed to be appetizers to go with the drinks. But friends and fans later go for mainly the food! Years later, KIKi transformed into a hip café-like authentic Sichuan restaurant, leading the trend with young adults, dating couples and the trendy who’s who in town checking in. KiKi also stretched out to the foodie heaven in Taichung, and conquered the lifestyle malls in Taipei, fast growing into a total of 9 outlets then, and becoming the ‘Must Go’ place in Taipei.

Beginning 2016, Uncle Yuan shared with us their joy on KiKi developing a new line of KiKi Restaurant-qualtiy food products which can be enjoyed at home. The first in line are sun-dried noodles. The noodles come in two authentic flavors, Sichuan Pepper and Aromatic Scallion .

Uncle Yuan sent us both flavors to try and they somehow shaken us up! The sun-dried noodles have a very smooth and “Q” texture with the sauce coating every strand of the noodles, giving them a balance flavor. The delicate aroma instantly brought back memories of KiKi’s dishes.. satisfying our cravings!

We instantly fell in love with KiKi all over again!  For our many friends who love Taiwan and fans of KiKi, and even those who have yet to try KiKi , we would like to bring to you, the gourmet taste of KiKi Restaurant to our sunny land, to our comfy homes.

Dear friends, WELCOME to KiKi Fine Goods Singapore, debuting with KiKi Sun-dried Noodles, and more fine products from the range in no time.  We hope you will love them as much as we do!

Bon appetit!  ^^v